Monday Updates - Welcome November

November has come in with a cold brisk chill to the air, and I already feel busier than ever. Halloween weekend was great - filled with costume parties, fun movies (notably The Worst Witch, Fright Night, Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus and Bram Stoker's Dracula) and awesome photo shoots in the woods. Above you can see what I looked like as Little Red Riding Hood; we took a bunch of photos in the woods and it was so much fun. Please do not take or use the above picture without my permission, thanks :)

I was happy to have two sales on Saturday, as I chatted away while watching said movies and watching my bf carve pumpkins, and I'll be sending them both out today. This first November week is also filled with Craft Show preparations and order making as well as a couple freelance graphic design proposals and jobs. Not to mention the usual promoting and job searching.

How was your Halloween weekend? Do you have a lot planned for this week too?

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