Night Time Craft Fair Thoughts and Questions

As night time fell, my boyfriend and I both started to feel creative and thoughtful. We relaxed most of the day (and went to see the Boondock Saints 2 movie, which was awesome), but right now we're both hard at work. He's working on painting a banner with my logo on it to hang on my craft fair table (or behind it) and I'm researching craft fair table displays and looking through the list of things I still have to buy.

And that's where the questions and thoughts really start to flow. I have not yet bought shopping bags for my customers and I just realized that I ordered greeting cards made but have not even thought about how to package them. I just started looking at prices on papermart.com and they don't seem too terrible for either type of bag. I just wish I didn't have to buy them in packs of 1000.

Those who have done this before - should I definitely buy Polyethylene bags for my greeting cards? Or do you think they can just be loose? The prices don't seem too terrible, I'm just curious what you think.

I found a couple cute wooden (easily paintable) crate things at Home Goods to display my prints in, but I still have no idea how I'm displaying my bookmarks or my greeting cards. It doesn't help that the greeting cards are on order and I don't have them here to play with. Nor do I have my prints yet. So I'm doing a lot of this shopping blind right now.

I really would rather buy display pieces in stores than online but I'm running out of places to look for cheap ways to show off my products. I found one of the book boxes that I can open to display some of my bookmarks, but the definitely won't all fit in it ... I don't think.

So some questions for those who have done this before or even those who haven't

How did you display your greeting cards? Did you put them in bags?

How would you display bookmarks ( I have about 50 different ones, about 10 of each) ?

Any other advice on displaying things for me?

Also, this is an indoor event and I'm not sure how much space I'll have, so I'm sticking to a 6ft folding table for my first event and I'll see how it goes.


Anna said...

Let's see, at one point I sold prints of illustrations in card form. I packaged them in clear cello sleeves. Good for protecting from fingerprints/dirt and makes for a nice clean look. I still use the sleeves, but to store paper in. You can get them for good prices on ebay, with or without the sealer flap.

Baskets and stylish wood boxes in various sizes and heights (rectangular) can be good for displaying cards. I can't think of anything super practical off the top - you might google 'greeting card displays' & search images. Flickr also has pools of display idea photos. Hope that helps!

Kate & Oli said...

did you have your show yet? you've been gone for so long :)

Lindsey said...

Anna - I found clear bags at Michaels that work great for my cards and thanks for the flickr tip - I've been scouring for ideas :)

Kate - It's the 20th and 21st :) I should be back to my normal schedule next Monday. I'll try to post an update tomorrow and my usual YTT post. I'm so new to this it's hard to juggle everything!


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