OOW: Wii Fit Plus

Let's Talk Fitness. Sort of. I know that the Wii Fit isn't the be all end all of fitness, but it sure gets me moving and keeps me motivated. And I'm completely in love with the new PLUS version. If you already have the board and the wii fit disc - the plus disc is just $20 and offers everything on the original disc plus more. To keep this from sounding like a crazy advertisement, which is not at all what I intend, let me just say that the new games are super fun and I love that it lets you create workouts depending upon what you want to work on.

The new games are also longer, I think, and my calves hurt sooo bad after trying it out that I still haven't finished trying everything, or finishing everything (that obstacle course is ridiculously hard).

Things I learned about myself by using the wii - my balance sucks and I really like Yoga. Also, it's a really good way to start your day.

When my bf and I go hiking I really see how out of shape I am and it makes me frustrated, so I'm trying my best to at the very least use the wii fit every day and then supplement that with hiking and/or swimming so that I can get more in shape.

Also, wish me luck guys, I'm swearing off french fries starting this week. None of this healthier eating or exercising is cause of weight, though, just that I do not eat well at all and I'm really trying to change that. I've been eating more grilled and less fried, and although I love french fries lots and lots, I think I really need to cut them or at the very least cut down how much I eat them.

Is anyone else trying to change their bad habits? How's it going for you?


French Revelation said...

I'd love to be even a little bit motivated to start exercising. But I'm still waiting for that day to come!! Love your blog BTW.

Lindsey said...

thanks :)

and good luck getting motivated!

Anna said...

I love to dance, it makes me very happy, but I want to get more stretchy on a regular basis. I love yoga, and even the tiniest bits of stretch feel so amazing. Yoga is *awesome* for balance (physical and otherwise). Anyhoo! Happy Saturday!

Lindsey said...

I'm still a beginner at Yoga, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Happy Saturday to you too!


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