Reading Thursday: Books to Come

Since I'm still reading The Hobbit and have no further comments as of yet, let's discuss the books that I am eagerly (ahem impatiently) waiting for. I rarely buy books in hardcover because 1. they are expensive and 2. I'm officially out of space for anything and paperbacks are easier to squeeze places. But.. there are two authors who always tempt me to buy their books as soon as they come out.

1. Laurell K. Hamilton who writes the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series (I don't read the other series she writes)


2. Christopher Moore who writes uproariously funny fiction with a hint of sci-fi/fantasy.

Both have books coming out in the Spring that I'm so so excited for. The Anita Blake series is about a world were vampires are out in the open and legal, as it were. They own businesses and live out in the open. Werewolves and other were-animals are also in this world, although not so out in the open.

Anita Blake is known to vampires as The Executioner because she is who is called when one goes rogue and needs to be killed. She also raises the dead for a living and helps the police with supernatural murders. The series starts pretty tame but grows more complicated and interesting as they go on. Somewhere in the middle, the author lost hold of the plot and commences with even more crazy sex and violence. But, happily, in the most recent two or three books the plot has picked up again. Which makes me super excited for the next book.

Christopher Moore is not so easy to explain. Not that the above was easy, per se. His books are just absolutely hilarious. He has one called Lamb about Jesus' life in between birth and death (as told by his best friend Biff), one about a very Zombie filled Christmas, another about a guy who studies whale song... and the list keeps going. He also has a vampire series that starts with Bloodsucking Fiends and moves on to You Suck a Love Story.

His new one in this series, BITE ME is told from the point of view of one of his best characters ever. Premiering in You Suck, Abby von Normal (loving it yet?) is a teenage goth girl ala Hot Topic with an awesome way of explaining things. In the opening two chapters of the new book, posted on his blog, she describes the entire plot of You Suck from her point of view. I can not wait to read the rest.

Do any of you read Sci-Fi Fantasy? Either of these authors? What books are you
excited about?


devonaz said...

I love Sci Fi,,espically Sherrilyn Kenyon,,Karen Marie Moning,Tolkien,and more..I also love to read regular fiction,romance,biographies,history..I am also a heavey reader,,but then I worked at Barnes and Noble for 5 years and that could be why.

Lindsey said...

hehe me too on the Barnes and Noble job :) I was always wandering into the sci-fi/fantasy section whenever I could.

I've never heard of Moning, should look her up.


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