YTT: November Insanity

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot this week, so far, but I know that might falter later in the week.

Yesterday: I went for an hour and a half hike with my bf, worked on a freelance graphic design project, featured fellow Etsy artists on my blog, participated in my first Virtual Lab (which was fascinating and so fun!), and made lots of lists.

Today: So far I've added "stocking stuffer" to all of product tags and I've altered my shop intro to reflect the holidays a bit. I plan on sending out an order to MOO for mini cards and greeting cards in prep for the upcoming craft fair, I also need to change the image on fallenpeach.com to reflect the holidays, and I'd like to post a new bookmark or two.

Tomorrow: I want to go hiking again if possible. I also want to start really looking for display stuff for the craft fair and promote promote promote!

How about you? What are your short term goals this week?

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