Etsy Tuesday: Snow Ball Special

This week is turning out crazier than planned, although tomorrow should be back on track. As promised, here are a few photos from the Snow Ball Art/Music festival that I sold at over the weekend in Hartford.

This was our semi-new setup for the show. Note the addition of two fancy lamps as well as a spinner rack for my bookmarks. The paintings you can see hanging on the brick are by my boyfriend, also seen playing with his iphone. The banner we hung from the table with velcro, which really seemed to work well.

The spinner rack, seen above, was built by my boyfriend in the day or two before the show. It is super super awesome and I love it. The one problem is that the bookmarks tend to slip off when it's spun too hard so we are working on making a barrier so that doesn't happen next time.

Here's a little more from the two acquaintances I made at the Snow Ball as well, for my Etsy Tuesday post this week:

- one of my favorite things on her table was these fish in fish bowls, although the angler fish was pretty awesome as well. Click the photo or her name to visit her shop!

HookedOnSweets - I bought one of the hair barretts above and I really love it. Very well made and super cute with just a bit of sparkle. Click the image or her name to visit her shop!

Now that the fair is over, I'll be starting to post greeting cards up in my store. I had planned on putting a few in today, but it looks like it'll have to be tomorrow as I still haven't edited the photos yet. So stay tuned!

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