Monday Updates: Happy Holidays!

I've been busy with Holiday stuff and spending time with my family the past week or two and I still have some wrapping to do today. But it's also a beautiful blue sky day with tons of snow on the ground, so I'm making time for a walk with my boyfriend and a camera. We don't have time for a walk in the woods today, but maybe if the snow is still here later in the week we can do that too.

I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies too, I think at this point I've covered all of my favorites and classics (The Santa Clause was last night and Prancer this morning). Though I keep thinking of more that I want to find and watch ;)

Hope everyone has a good week and Happy Holidays!


Kate and Oli said...

don't forget love actually! one of my faves :)

Lindsey said...

ahh yes, I keep promising to make my bf watch that.. maybe Christmas Eve :D

and, strangely, I've been debating renting that Ethan Embry and Thora Birch xmas movie from when they were wee little ones... All I want for Christmas? .. hrmm


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