Daily Photos and Thinking 2010

I try not to make strict New Years Resolutions or Goals because I never follow them. I forget or lose the paper or .. you know the drill. But this past year has brought some big changes to my life and I'm really starting to feel more organized lately, so I'm going to jot a few things down here that I've been thinking about.

1. Daily photos. My mom asked me the other day why I made more greeting cards of the same photos that I had already made a batch of. I told her because I'd only tried selling them at craft fairs and hadn't yet put them on Etsy or tried to sell them wholesale. But she brings up a semi-decent point in that I haven't sorted through any newer photos lately, nor have I had much time for photo taking.

So, I'm thinking about doing one of those 365 Day project things, like Joanna's and others I've seen. I'll take one photo every day and see what comes of it. Here's hoping I last more than two days ;) I'll start Jan. 1st.

2. Wholesale. My next big goal for my growing business is to try and wholesale my work. I truly feel that my greeting cards, particularly, are perfect for this. The biggest thing really is to find out what types of stores I'd like to approach and also how to approach bigger corporate companies. So, a lot of research needs to go into this - plus figuring out my final pricing and terms etc.

3. More Craft Fairs. I'd like to do more craft fairs. The ones I've done have been mostly small and though I always made my fee back, I rarely made much more than that. I'd like to try some larger fairs that cost more but also have a lot more people going through.

4. Secret Projects. My friends and I had a wonderful idea for a super secret project months ago, but haven't really had time to put it together. This is something I'd really like to do, even if I have to start it on my own and drag them back into it later :)

5. Re-designs. I'd really like to re-design my portfolio site as well as add more portfolio stuff to my fallenpeach site.

I think 5 is a nice number to start with; what are your new years goals if you have any?


Kimberly said...

You should try Dava in Hamden for your greeting cards.

Anonymous said...
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Lindsey said...

Dava? I've never heard of it - what kind of store is it?


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