Monday Updates: Now that that is done...

It's a fresh new week, and now that the holidays are over I have very few excuses for not getting things done. This week is for getting back into my routine and finishing up a few goals before the New Year.

Christmas was filled with travel and family and it all went off without a problem. My boyfriend and I bounced back and forth between his family and mine, giving and receiving the entire way. I did buy a couple gifts on Etsy which I will be talking about later, but one person hasn't received theirs yet so .. I must wait :D

Slightly random: I keep looking at this blank wall next to my desk and I really think that I might add shelving at some point soon. It would really help me organize and fill that big blank space...

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season :)

1 comment:

Erica said...

I enjoyed the holidays too :) I am not really ready to get back into the swing of things !


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