Brief Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Yesterday my bf and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes and I must say that we both really really enjoyed it. My personal favorite still remains the little known Rupert Everett Sherlock Holmes, but the characters in the new movie were very true and I loved their banter. It was def. an action adventure Sherlock Holmes, however, which was slightly off putting at first. But I didn't mind it, really, because it was all so fun. A good old fashioned fun action flick without too much crazy camera work and too much noticeable special effects.

Robert Downey, Jr. continues to win me over again and again from Heart and Souls, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.. not to mention Chaplin and the rest. And Jude Law (ah Sky Captain...<3) was a wonderful wonderful Watson. He had some great looks. Exhasperated looks. :D

I haven't read the stories in a long time, I kind of wandered over to Fantasy a lot more lately, but I think it's time to take them out and revisit Watson's recollections.

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