Etsy Tuesday: Expiring from FallenPeach

Good Morning! This Etsy Tuesday I'd really like to talk about some of my bookmarks that will be expiring upon the first of the new Year. It's been a really fun 4 months (or so) working on building my store and I can't wait to build it up even more. I'm sad to see some of these bookmarks go, and sadder still that they weren't bought. But the time has come (the walrus said..) and some will not be returning any time soon.

I'll be showing off a handful each day until then and here is the first batch. SO - If you were ever interested in these bookmarks - please note that the following will be expiring on January 1st!

My beautiful flower mosaic bookmark was an early favorite, and now has a total of 195 views and 2 hearts. This photo was taken at the Imagine John Lennon memorial in New York City and cropped for this bookmark.

Bird on a Wire now has 100 views and 2 hearts, and has had a difficult time of it. I personally love this photo taken just as Spring as beginning a year or so ago.

The first of my bookmarks to be in a Treasury, this Cat Doorknocker image is one of my favorites. Photo was taken on a trip down south, I think this one was in Savannah, GA. Has: 124 views, no hearts.

The first Rose bookmark I ever listed, this one only has 53 views and no hearts, I'm not sure why as it truly is a stunning image. Are roses too cliche? Or has this one just not found it's audience yet?

-- Later today and/or Tomorrow I'll be listing more of these expiring bookmarks. I'm also debating putting up a poll to vote for a few to be renewed. What do you think? --

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