YTT: Not Quite Back in the Swing of Things

Happy Wednesday and almost-New-Years-Eve everyone! I'm not quite back in the swing of things post-Christmas yet, but I'm getting there.

Yesterday: I wrote out a couple Christmas cards (hey, better late than never!), made my list for today and started to think about what it is that needs to get done. Oh and I started a new book! I've put away the Hobbit for now, but I'll go back to it.

Today: I will clean a little, have a coffee date with an old friend, start sketching new ideas for redesigning my portfolio website, hopefully get some greeting card photo editing done, and really start planning for January. I will also be blogging about more expiring bookmarks in a few minutes.

Tomorrow: I will most likely not get a lot done as I'll be visiting friends and celebrating the new year, but I will try to cross SOMETHING off this list of mine :)

What about you? Still feeling like you're on break? Or are you getting a lot done this week?

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