More Expiring from FallenPeach

See YTT post below.

Here are several more bookmarks that will be expiring on JANUARY 1ST, 2010 (see yesterday's post for the first batch)! I'm not sure which ones will be renewed yet, so please if you are interested keep in mind they may not be available in 2010!

This dashing knight photograph was taken at Loveland Castle in Loveland Ohio on a cross country road trip. Perfect bookmark for reading Arthurian Romances and other Quests! 131 views, no hearts.

This great texture is a New York City building wall. I love the shapes and textures and coloring. 58 views, no hearts.

Another great texture, this one is of a back lit water bottle. Color changed in Photoshop slightly. This bookmark is also available in pink, green and gold. 57 views, and 2 hearts.

Perfect for swashbuckling reading like Treasure Island or a Pirate books, this gold pirate coin photo was taken of a coin that I bought in Cape May on vacation years ago. 51 views, 1 heart.

And finally, this beautiful pink chandelier (color altered in photoshop) will also be leaving the store on January 1st. Also available in blue. 81 views, 3 hearts.

Stay tuned for those bookmarks that will expire on January 2nd!

1 comment:

Kate and Oli said...

wow, the backlit water bottle is a really interesting texture. i love that shot! :)

xo, katie


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