Craft Fair Displays: Spinner Rack

For the last craft fair we did, my boyfriend made a spinner rack to display my bookmarks on. It's awesome and does the trick. The problem was that when people spun it too fast, the bookmarks would fly off because there were simply sitting on two hooks. See above.

Yesterday we went out in search of a solution to this problem and today Matt spent a good amount of time affixing plastic to the rack so that the bookmarks will stay in place when it's spun. It looks great and I'm so glad that the problem is fixed. What we ended up using was plastic book covers cut into strips and stapled to the box.

I can't wait to put it out and not have to keep an eye on every person that spins the rack :) I didn't fill it for the photo, but you can get the picture. It has three sides of hooks and fits almost 40 different bookmarks.

1 comment:

Anna said...

I love the solution to the escaping bookmarks, it's perfect! Nice that it's clear so you still see the pretty wood, and the bookmarks stay snug.


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