YTT: Announcements and Art Stuff

First: an announcement! I will be participating in the SoNo Flea Market in South Norwalk, CT starting this weekend!

So, remember that day that I was OVERWHELMED? I've been working on some of that stuff this week. The snow is still in the trees this morning, but I'm not sure I have the energy to walk out in the cold and truly enjoy the beauty.
Yesterday: was full of photo editing - the photos were from a photo shoot I did for a local magazine - and meetings and mini-tests. I also shoveled snow, watched LOST and ate a delicious dinner cooked by my bf.
Today: we need to work on a way to make my bookmark spinner rack perfect (ie so that the bookmarks don't fall off when it spins), I also have some financial things to put in order, a few errands to run and I'd like to start sorting photos to make into magnets.

Tomorrow: I want to start printing the new bookmark designs I have, work on a print ad for myself, and get together photos I need to submit to a craft fair for this summer.
What are your short term goals this week?

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