Monday Monday La La Lalalala

I had a good weekend, and a little away time from my computer, and I've come back feeling refreshed (albeit, a bit sleepy this morning). Yesterday was full of good movies, good company, good food and chocolate. Perfect.

We don't particularly celebrate Valentine's Day, rather we feel that every day should be Valentine's Day. But yesterday we did go to lunch and see a mid-afternoon movie - The Wolfman.

The Wolfman was good old fashioned AWESOME. A classic horror story with a fantastic cast, plot and music (Danny Elfman!!). I'm not a huge horror fan, gore is not really my thing. But this movie was so good I almost felt guilty glancing away at the gory parts. I also loved that the wolfman part seemed more makeup than CG and it just felt good to see.

We also rented Surrogates and that was really good too. It's one of those movies that I wasn't sure about, but it sparked some interesting conversation and I really liked it.

I noticed that a couple more people have taken my poll, please take it if you haven't I want to make this blog better and I appreciate your comments. :)

How was your Weekend?

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Kate and Oli said...

i was wondering if wolfman would be any good, even though i think i'd see it anyway! now i can feel confident in that decision :)


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