Happy February - Monthly Goal Meetup

I think I did pretty good in January, although most of my goals were carry-overs from December.


1. Post Greeting cards in Etsy Store

Started doing this, there's a lot to choose from and more are being listed today :)

2. research cheaper car insurance

done, and done. officially saving a LOT of money on my car insurance.

3. figure out wholesale prices and find stores to contact.

done, technically. none of the stores contacted want to buy wholesale - but one is carrying my things on consignment :)

4. look up spring craft fairs

done, still have to contact them though.

5. work on portfolio part of fallenpeach.com

instead I decided to rebuild my actual portfolio site, and make it cleaner. I'm almost done with this.

February Goals:

1. design/print/make 20 new bookmark designs

2. Submit for Spring / Winter craft fairs that I'm interested in.

3. Order supplies for making magnets

4. International Shipping set-up.

5. complete portfolio re-design

6. try to list at least one new product a day.

I guess that's it for this Month, if you'd like to find out more about the Meetup - head over to Athena Dreams Design...


Anonymous said...

wow, you did really great for january - congrats on the lower car insurance! good luck for feb!!

Annette said...

I love it when I can cross off something on the list! Good luck with Feb. goals!

Anonymous said...

Woot! Looking good! Hope you get into some awesome shows - the bulk of my sales happen at shows.

Liz said...

Somehow seeing so many things crossed off your list, made me feel so happy that it didn't matter so much that I didn't have Any crossoffs! And Cyn (from River Dog Prints) posted a write up about the Bakery class she took last session: http://riverdogprints.com/photocardblog/2010/01/08/bakerys-half-dozen-e-course/
Hope your February is completely awesome!

Kedzie said...

Congratulations on an amazing January - good for you getting so many things crossed off your list!


Anonymous said...

I hope I can cross off everything off my list this month. You did great.. I don't even think you need good luck for next year lol but still.. good luck `=O)

Lindsey said...

thanks thanks :)

RiverDog Prints said...

Congratulations on the consignment deal! I think it's a great way to begin getting your "stuff" out to the people. I may be doing some consignment myself, which I will totally count toward my wholesale goal! Good luck this month, Lindsey. Keep up that momentum!


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