YTT: Lost, Icky and Fixing

I really wanted to do an Etsy Tuesday post yesterday, but those seem to be the hardest to do for some reason. Maybe it's Tuesdays... It didn't help that yesterday I had a whole slew of computer problems that had to be dealt with and that I was only able to be actually active on the computer for short spans of time. Plus I'm starting to feel a little sick... And then there was LOST. ..

Thoughts on LOST. They almost "lost me", though I guess my curiosity is bigger than my frustration with them because I will (of course) continue to watch till the bitter end. I'm hoping next week explains a couple of the brand new "wtf" moments and questions from this week. I enjoyed the little things, the two worlds thing was interesting (curious to see where that goes) though the Sayid thing is what is confusing and frustrating me the most right now. Don't want to go into too many details in case you haven't seen it yet!

Anyway, on to YTT:

Yesterday: as explained, I had to fix my old computer that I bring back and forth places (stupid virus) and watched LOST. I also revelled in the fact that I finished my portfolio website redesign (please let me know your thoughts on it if you wish :) though I still have to redesign the blog for it.

Today: I'm not feeling very well, so I might just take a day to relax and read. But I also have a small list of to do things like go to the bank and work on the other blog... so we'll see.

Tomorrow: I want to attack my list full force. List a couple new cards, order magnet making supplies, seriously call those craft fairs and find out more details etc..

I know I'm being a little vague this week, but what about you? Do you have specific short term goals this week? Also, please let me know in the comments what I can do to improve this blog.. I'm thinking about making some changes. :)


Anonymous said...

There is a list of things I was supposed to do from Sunday through Tuesday. I will probably try to get them all done today or else postpone another week.

Anonymous said...

i love this YTT setup! yeah for small goals of the day :)



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