Reading Thursday: Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb

Though I'm not quite finished with Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, I decided that I'm through enough of it to tell you that it is really really good and that you should read it. But first read, at the very least, her Liveship Trader series so that you know what is going on.

What am I talking about? Dragon Keeper is the first book in a spin-off series by a wonderful fantasy author - Robin Hobb.

The first series in this group is the Assassin trilogy (starts with Assassin's Apprentice), the second is the Liveship trilogy (which does not appear to have a direct connection to the assassin books but does) and then there is the Fool trilogy which ties the 9 books together beautifully. Dragon Keeper picks up where the third Liveship book leaves off and is a wonderful continuation of the story. I'm loving every minute of it.

If you enjoy fantasy, all of these books are wonderful reads that draw you into different worlds and into the lives of these fantastic characters.

PS. I've listed two new cards this week, did you see them yet?

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