My mind is running in a thousand different directions and I think I need to type it all out to get myself back on track. Some of it is personal, like job searching, but the rest is pretty crafty. The time has come for looking into Spring and Summer craft fairs, photo competitions and more. I'm on overload right now.

- There's a semi-local weekly craft fair starting that I would like to be a part of, and will be submitting for. I can only afford 4 weeks right now, but that should help me get a feel for if this is the right kind of fair for me to do regularly. This is good.

- There's a huge local festival that I want to get in to that I need to take some photos for and send all my paperwork in.

- There's a local Photo Expo contest I'd like to enter. I have to choose a photo or two to enter.

- I just found out about another summer local craft fair that I might want to apply for. I need to decide on this one though, since my money is limited right now.

- There are monthly photo contest's at a local gallery that I'd like to enter, but I need to see which categories I have photos for etc.. and actually remember to frame them and get them in on the right days.

- I'm supposed to be displaying my photography at a local cafe in May but the cafe recently changed ownership, so I have to check in with them and see if it's still possible for me to hang my work there.

... that feels like a lot, especially on top of job searching and cleaning my room. I want to cut down on my amount of "stuff" and I'd really like to replace some of my furniture with smaller pieces. I also really need to organize my work station because it's a disaster and I can never find anything.

I started cleaning, but ended up with just stacks of things all over the floor, which makes me feel even more overwhelmed I think.

Then there's the stuff that is going on this week. I have a photo assignment for a local magazine - it will be my first and I'm a little nervous. I also have my first "How to Start a Business" class through the local Adult Ed department. Plus there's supposed to be a MASSIVE snow storm tomorrow. ..

::takes a deep deep breathe::

I have about 9 tabs open in firefox right now. and I didn't do my wii fit yoga this morning. and I have a million errands I'd like to run. and a stack of financial things i need to go through. and i keep adding things to my to do list.

::takes another deep breathe::

one thing at a time.


and I guess the one thing that bothers me the most is - is any of this going to accomplish anything? will it get me anywhere? i guess i'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Whoo nellie! I know just where you're at! I will say that when I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do, I find it IMMENSELY helpful to clean up where I'm working! So, my advice would be to go ahead, get that room totally clean and organized - the peace of mind you get when you enter the space will give you the energy and focus to get all those show applications etc... done!

I write a bit more about this on my blog, here's a start if you are interested!

Lindsey said...

thanks :)

i spent some time organizing and cleaning and i feel a little better. but i'm still kinda down. oh well. tomorrow is another day, right :)

French Revelation said...

I feel exactly the same. So much so that I'm clearing my whole shop out to start afresh. I'm hoping that will help. Good luck to you - you'll get it all sorted soon. Keep taking those deep breaths!

Anonymous said...
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