Outside my window everything is white, and the snow will be continuing all day. I think it's a perfect day to stay in my pjs and get some things done. And then crash with a book later. It looks really cold and I have no intentions of going outside today. Except maybe to help shovel later.

Anyway, YTT here we go -

Yesterday: I had a minor meltdown, cleaned my work area and re-organized it entirely, applied for a job, listed a new card in my store, blogged, called about a local craft fair, watched LOST and read a little more of the Hobbit (I have no idea why this book is taking me so long).

Today: My list is just as long as yesterday, but the out of the house stuff will have to wait. I want to finish up some cleaning, list a new card, fill out some craft fair forms, make a couple mix cds, update my business finances, make some new bookmarks, do my Radical Self Love homework, and sort photos. Oh and I have another job to apply for.

Tomorrow: I'm taking photos for a local magazine (It's my first and I'm excited and nervous) and have my first business class at night. In between I'll probably try to run all the errands I can't today because of the snow.

Here's hoping this week is productive.

Do you have Short Term Goals this week?


Annette said...

Snow days are great for getting things done or just hunkering down with a good book or project! I plan to finish a dish towel dress and make some coasters and get them listed! Enjoy your day and good luck tomorrow!

Erica said...

This is a great way to stay on track. :) organizing my workspace would be a very good idea. I was going to do it monday and then got called in to work :(

Moonangelnay said...

im in the UK and apparently have more joy with snow in the next few days although i doubt it'll be as dramtic as whats happening in the US! good luck with tomorrow!


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