Reading Thursday: Archie Comics

Archie Comics were a staple of my childhood and over the years I've kept them ready on my bookshelf should I need a good dose of nostalgia. This week such a need arose. I've been feeling sort of off and a little sad lately, so the usual reading fare was just not cutting it for me before bed. I took the stack of comics off the bookshelf and put them next to my bed and I've been reading them all week.

I love the Archie comics, though reading them now it's a bit strange how Archie has two girlfriends, one of whom he seems to be dating just because she desperately wants to date him. As a child I guess I missed the tension and weirdness, caught up in the high schoolness and the adventures (remember the treasure hunt? or the morse code adventure?). I remember reading at one point that Archie finally picked Veronica, though I haven't read those comics. Reading the old ones that doesn't really surprise me, he just always seems so much more into her than Betty, sad to say.

My favorite character, I think, was Betty. I related to her as a writer and daydreamer. Jughead was my fav of the boys because he was just cool all the time and never really caught up in the drama. I'm not a fan of drama, which is weird I suppose since I do love these comics.

At Gibbs I had to create three playing cards for class. I had Jughead as the Jack, Archie as King and Betty and Veronica fighting on the Queen card. Skipped Reggie entirely, didn't think he deserved it :) . I thought I read

I also enjoyed the original Sabrina comics tucked in between Archie and friends; the tv show just never was the same to me. It never captured the real feeling of the characters.

Did you ever read the Archie Comics? Are they still hanging around waiting to be read again?


Erica said...

I loved archie comics when I was younger too, but no, they are not still around. Betty was my fave :)

Kate and Oli said...

i used to love the archie comics! i don't think i kep any of them, though i don't remember getting rid of them. chances are, they just got boxed up and forgotten about when i went to college. i should totally try to find those! :)


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