Friday Blizzaaard

After about 4 days of pouring rain, I wake up to this. A blizzard is happening outside as I type and I wasn't expecting it at all. I should have, apparently they've been predicting it.. but this week has been weird for me so ::Shrugs::.

I woke a little late, catching up on sleep that I didn't get much of this week and I feel refreshed. I'm thinking about taking today to relax and maybe make some magnets. I attempted making a magnet last night but my images need trimming and I need to figure out how to make sure the air bubbles go away. I took apart the one I made and I'm ready to start fresh. There were a bunch of errands I wanted to run today, but the snow makes me just want to stay inside. Maybe later I'll be adventurous.

Is it snowing where you are? Does snow make you feel lazy or energetic? Only a couple days left to comment on my poll by the way!

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