Away We Went: Niagara Falls

one of the few shots of us both by the falls :D
 Matt and I just returned from our 2 year anniversary vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada. We had a wonderful time, and walked A LOT. My legs are still sore, but it was worth it. We stayed in two different hotels because we decided to go a day earlier than planned, both were nice. The second hotel room had a view of the falls, but we were only on the 4th floor - so it wasn't as spectacular as a view as we had expected. However, there was an observatory on the 14th floor, which was cool. These aren't the most spectacular photos, but I haven't really sorted through them yet so they are just a representation for you to see.

Seeing Niagara Falls is such a wonderful experience, if you ever have the chance you should go. Though the New York side is nice and very park-like and beautiful, the view from the Canadian side is pure magic since you are looking across the way at the falls rather than seeing them from the side. There is almost always a rainbow somewhere near the falls and sometimes it almost looks fake.

skylon tower
When we arrived in Canada, we immediately went to the Skylon Tower for brunch. We wanted to eat there, and brunch seemed the cheapest option so we left earlier than planned and made it just on time. We weren't on the rotating level, but had a gorgeous view of the falls.

During our time in Canada we also did the Maid of the Mist boat ride, took a Journey Behind the Falls, visited the "Street of Fun" and went to see a '50's music themed show at the Casino (we love oldies music).  We drove up to Niagara on the Lake and drove through the wine country, which was beautiful and very expensive looking. We also walked a lot because in order to get from the hotels to the falls you really had to walk around and down and around again. It was a little frustrating, but all worth it in the end.

the Street of Fun - Clifton Hill
At night they light the falls up in beautiful colors which is a sight to see as well.

Overall it was a wonderful trip and I'm so so glad we went. I'll be posting over at Nowhere Nerds about the trip as well and possibly taking the blog post from a slightly different point of view. I'm not sure if I'll do it tonight or tomorrow though, so keep an eye out. Blog will be back to normal starting next week :)

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