The Meetup - How was March and April to Come

OH, that's right - it's officially April and time to set up my April Goals. First, let's look at how I did in March. My goals were:

1. International Shipping set up and cost determination - I do not know why but, huge apologies to my international readers, I just haven't been able to get this together. And I know it will be easy when I do, but for some reason I'm just slow with it. I will seriously put this top of my list for April. Seriously.
2. Photograph magnets, make more magnets, figure out packaging for magnets and list magnets  - - photographed and packaged - now on to editing photographs and making more magnets....
3. laminate new bookmarks and list - well, they are laminated. But I have to photograph them before I can list them.
4. contact accountant and make appointment for taxes - done and done. waiting for checks now.
5. choose 20 images to show at a local cafe; print them, buy mats and frames etc. - I have been having a hell of a time getting in touch with the woman in charge and am no longer sure if I will be hanging my work. I did choose images and have them printed (I pick them up tomorrow) but I have not bought frames yet.
6. submit application for Oyster Festival - done AND I'M IN!  Can't wait to sell my work on the Milford Green this August!

1. International Shipping costs etc etc etc.  
2. Finish editing magnet photos and list list list
3. take photos of new bookmarks and list list list
4. continue work on website redesign, finish if possible
5. continue to do assignments in The Money Book
6. make first e-newsletter and figure out how to get subcribers
7. look back on what I've done, and really figure out a plan for the future

I don't want to give myself too much for April because I'd really like to take some of the month and step back and look at what I've accomplished and what I really want to accomplish next. I keep moving quickly and I think it's time to slow down, finish a couple projects and really look at what I'm doing. Here's hoping I can finish these projects quickly and get down to business. 
Happy Spring Everyone :)


RiverDog Prints said...

Like the new look on the blog, Lindsey! And congratulations on the Oyster Festival. I may have to take a trip down there this summer :)

Good luck with April!

Deb@ Owl and Bunny said...

congrats on the show! liking your new blog look too! Good luck for April~!


Liz said...

YAY on the Oyster Festival, that's awesome! And I love that you are making time to slow down and assess where you're going, it's something we (I) forget to do, a lot... Have a great April Lindsey!

sarahstevenson3 said...

Hi Lindsey...I am new to meetup and am excited to get to know everyone. Looking forward to reading your blog. Sarah

You can find me at: sarahgstevenson.com

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Oyster festival...and I totally am with you on the taking some time to take stock and make some plans - good luck with that as well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the festival! How great! And good call on slowing down and taking stock. I definitely can forget to do that, and its important.
Cheers to April!

Isa Maria said...

Congrats on the show! I hope you have a great month.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I love the header & colors to your blog. Very simple & visually pleasing. Congrats on getting into the festival.. sounds like fun. Good luck on this month's goals! `=D


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