This Time Last Year

Around this time last year I was on a grand road trip with Matt. We drove to San Francisco (where the above flower photo was taken) and back in two weeks. It was all the time we had at the time, and so we made the most of it and it was an incredible journey that I think about every day.

Currently we are working on planning a longer cross country adventure. We are doing this for a few reasons, but the important thing is we want your help. We're going to be documenting the planning and the trip over at Nowhere Nerds and we would love your input and your readership. For one, we love roadside attractions and plan on doing more of Route 66 this time around - so if you live somewhere that has an attraction we should see - let us know! In the comments here or on the other blog, either way :)

I haven't had much time to read lately, I'm still buried in the second Nightside book but would like to finish before I review it here :)

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