YTT: Adventures and Keeping Busy

Lost last night was ridiculously awesome (I still can't get over the Willy Wonka reference over the trailer for next week), and Glee made me happy (can not wait for next week!) with both Jonathan Groff AND Idina Menzel! But Wednesday is here, and so it is time to get organized again.

Yesterday: I've been keeping up with listing a new item a day, we visited a store that is interested in having us set up shop for a day and sell in their store, we ate chocolate covered peanut butter cookies that were delicious, we hiked for an hour and a half and I did a bunch of little things. I also, obviously, watched Lost and Gleeee.

Today: I listed a new item (see above!), I will work on some more little things, fill out and send a form for a fair we are interested in participating in, set up Project Wonderful (you will soon be able to advertise on fallenpeach blog!), eat more Easter chocolate, and hopefully at some point get outside to enjoy the weather and maybe go hiking again.

Tomorrow: I am honestly not sure. I want to update the website with a few shows and dates and things, and then I guess I'll finish up what doesn't get done today. May start planning The Big Trip as well.

What's your week look like?

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