YTT: OMG It's Almost May!

New Summer Escape Magnets
 Happy Wednesday and Happy Almost May everyone. I woke up earlier and there were blue skies, but now it just looks like it's going to rain again. Oh Spring, I love and hate you so... Anyway, so Wednesday is here and I'm trying to get myself back in shape - organizationally.

Yesterday: I listed a new item, promoted it, signed up for a flea market for this weekend, went to the bank, had a delicious but pricey panini at Panera, framed a photo that a friend of mine is going to buy, and loaded my Niagara photos onto my computer.

Today: I've already listed a new product (see above) and promoted it a little. I will show my photography to a local eatery who may let me hang my work there, set up appointments for a freelance photography gig, do an exercise or two from The Money Book (which has fallen by the wayside lately, unfortunately), and hopefully do a Niagara post on Nowhere Nerds.

Tomorrow: We will be setting up shop at a private location and hopefully make some sales, I'm not sure what else I'll have time for but I'll see about listing a new product and also blogging.

As you can see I have a busy week ahead of me - what are your short term goals? Are you busy this week too?

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