Introducing Matt's Art

  Those of you who have been reading this blog a while know that it's usually all about me, Lindsey. Mostly because I'm the one blogging and fallenpeach started with me. But, since we started doing craft fairs, Matt's art has also been a huge part of fallenpeach and I think it's time to show you how wonderful it is.

 Matt is mainly a painter and a portrait artist. He is also a wonderful photographer, but for today I'm going to focus on his traditional artwork. If you are interested in seeing more of his work, please visit his occasionally updated blog Project: Art and if you are interested in commissioning a piece from him, email mattpattavina [at] gmail.com. When he finishes the updated website, I'll list that link too.

corel painter
We want to start putting his art, and custom art offers, into the Etsy store, so stay tuned. :)

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