YTT: New Beginnings

Yesterday: I accomplished quite a bit, actually. I listed a new item, promoted, cleaned my room, organized myself, finished editing photos for a freelance gig, job searched and prepared myself for today. I also watched Lost (AMAZING!) and Glee (also AMAZING).

Today: I had my first meeting with a job coach (career coach?) - Michele Marquis - whom I met through a series of connections. I think the meeting went incredibly well and I can't wait to get started on the assignments I've been given and start focusing myself on what I really want. There are a few other small things I need to do today, but that was the big one.

Tomorrow: I plan on seriously starting the assignments given to me today by Michele. I will also work on a magazine ad for myself, a re-design of the one I did previously and will start to price frames for a showing of my work at a local luncheon place. But most important I will work on those assignments and truly begin to focus.

Are you starting something new today? A new way of looking at things or treating your craft or work? What are your short term goals this week?


Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

i feel like i could use a career coach or life coach these days too! really cool that you took that step :)

Lindsey said...

thanks, it feels really good to have someone help me find direction :)


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