The Meetup: MAY IS HERE!

It's still strange to me that May is here already, though I am certainly glad that April is over. I guess it would seem more in place if we weren't experiencing July like weather which is driving me crazy. Let's look back at my April goals :

1. International Shipping costs etc etc etc.   - I just have not had time to harass the post office to find out prices.. I'm thinking about just setting prices and seeing how it goes.
2. Finish editing magnet photos and list list list - done, well for the most part. I'm editing as I list which works better for me. Several magnet sets are listed already, have you seen them?
3. take photos of new bookmarks and list list list - done, same as above.
4. continue work on website redesign, finish if possible - actually finished this very early on - did you see the new website design? I love it :)
5. continue to do assignments in The Money Book - slowly but surely making my way through this book. I love it, and it's helpful, I'm about halfway through now.
6. make first e-newsletter and figure out how to get subcribers - have not done yet. Have plans to work on that this week or next.
7. look back on what I've done, and really figure out a plan for the future - sort of done. I had a reflection post mid-month which started the process.

So, I really did pretty well in April, though that month also brought several break downs, a mini vacation and some serious disorganization. Plans for May:

1. Set International shipping for bookmarks
2. Make first e-newsletter, figure out how to get subscribers
3. Get photos printed, framed and ready for hanging at Liquid Lunch by June 1st.
4. List graphic design services on Etsy
5. Figure out pricing and start offering Ad space on this blog, not through Project Wonderful (which is not so wonderful).
6. Start posting more about Matt's art and get at least one listing of his work into the store
7. Sign up for Vimeo and work on a vlog or two (possibly for here, but also for Nowhere Nerds)
8. Post more regularly at Nowhere Nerds

A few more things on my list for this month, but I think I can do it. In between, I'll also be deciding upon and possibly planning a pretty major trip and searching for more craft fairs to sell at.

Want to join in the Goal making insanity? Pop by Liz's blog and see what we're all about!


sarahstevenson3 said...

Lindsey: check out the usps.com website. It might list the info you are looking for in regards to international shipping. At least then you won't have to make the trip...great goals and have a great month....

Liz said...

oh, love your new website design, very cool, very clean! Lindsey, I hope you have a great May, full of list cross offs and good juju all around!

bluehour said...

Nice website. It's nice and clean. Good luck with everything this month, I hope you get it all done.


RiverDog Prints said...

Your website design looks great. I love that you have a page for Letterboxing. My boys are just getting old enough to enjoy going on an adventure hike, so I'll make sure to check out your site for places!

Good luck with the rest of your goals this month, Lindsey!

Angie said...

Wow Linsey, you are on fire! Congratulations on a great April. You're site is lovely, clean and easy to navigate. Well done. I'm looking forward to seeing your shop and your blog grow.

Angie said...

Ack. I misspelled your name. May be time for bed!

Deb@ Owl and Bunny said...

hiya, congrats on the new site (looks really great & easy to click thru!) good luck for may - can't believe its here already!

Anonymous said...

I love the vimeo idea. And good job on April!
Fyi, I've really liked MailChimp for newsletter services...

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Lovely blog.
Go goal goal !
All the best for May !


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