The Space Flea Market Update

 This past Saturday, we sold our wares at The Space Flea Market in Hamden Connecticut. It was a beautiful day outside, with minimal wind and a lot of sunshine. We both got a bit sunburned, but overall it wasn't too too muggy out which was good. We originally arrived with two tables, but soon realized that we had plenty of space for a third and had my parents bring us an extra table, which worked out beautifully.

A little history: The Space is a music venue, listening space owned by Steve Rodgers of Mighty Purple. It is a no-smoking, no alcohol place with a recording studio and a vintage shop upstairs and a cafe and music venue downstairs and it is a great addition to the music scene of Connecticut. Perfect for small indie bands and growing high school rock stars, the Space is an arena where virtually anyone can go play and be heard. The Flea Market was in the parking lot outside.

Mighty Purple is a local Connecticut band started by two brothers - Steve and Jon Rodgers - whom I've been going to see play since I was 12 (I am now 27, yes this makes me feel a little old ;) . Though they aren't playing too much nowadays with wives and kids and The Space to run and music classes to teach, I highly recommend seeking out their backlog of 9 albums and giving them a listen. The music is original and awesome.

 Back to the Flea Market, it was mostly a Flea Market - there was only one or two other artists there that I saw, but nonetheless we did make a small profit and had a lot of fun. There were live acoustic bands to listen to, delicious cafe sandwiches and even red velvet cupcakes (mmm with raspberries on top). Steve acknowledged that the crowd was a bit thin compared to other flea markets they have had, so I'd consider doing it again at some point and see if the crowd is any bigger.

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