YTT: Constant Busy

 Had to look on my calendar to realize that today is Wednesday, it's just been one of those weeks. Yesterday I was able to get a lot done and have fun at the same time, miracle!

Yesterday: I listed a new item, blogged both here and at nowhere nerds, sent a few necessary emails, and fell off the eat healthy wagon with an Anniversary dinner at Red Lobster (ooh those cheese biscuits.. mmmmm). Matt and I have been together two years yesterday and although we already kinda celebrated with our Niagara trip, we decided to do dinner and shoot some pool yesterday too.

Today: Already listed a new item, will have a freelance photo shoot for a local magazine, will work on ad prices and boxes for my blog (not using Project Wonderful) if there is time and set it up.

Tomorrow: I will edit some photos that have been hanging around a while, list a new item, and finish the ad process if I haven't already. I should also drop by a framing store to find out about prices for 12 large frames. I will also start editing the photos from todays shoot.

What are your short term goals this week?

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Anonymous said...

I totally feel you! If I was working for someone else and putting in the hours I put in - I would be ready to scream. Thankfully working this many hours for my self still feels rewarding!


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