Etsy Tuesday on Monday and Monday Monday Updates

How was your weekend? Mine was a mixture of emotions and adventures. We went to see Inception, which was an incredible movie with a fantastic cast, wandered a very small Berry Festival and started watching season one of Battlestar Galactica. (we are enjoying it so far :). I also made more magnets, which I plan to sell individually. My sets are still up in the store - and I'll be lowering the price soon - so keep an eye out.

Over the weekend I also received a belated Birthday Present - which was two lovely art prints by the very talented Kecky on Etsy. I can't wait to find a frame and hang them!

In Monday News, last night I made my Monday to do list and it's much larger than my lists have been the past week, but I feel very strongly that I can accomplish it all. One of the things to do is very exciting - load CS5 onto my computer. I have CS2, and the upgrade scares me a little because I'm afraid my old files won't work. But It's also exciting because of all the fun new features I get to play with!

What exciting things do you have planned for today?

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