I'M BAAAAACK!! / Meetup for July

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Were you reading about my adventures over at Nowhere Nerds? I promise to get the rest of those posts up ASAP, but for now I'm back on fallenpeach with my June over view and July Goals!

June was complete madness and adventure and almost everything I could have wanted for it. My goals were:

Project 1: Coaching - I did all of the things I had to before I left, and kept in touch with Michele while away. Must make a new appointment for next week, though, now that I'm back.

Project 2: Online Magazine - got all of that done and in. Will post a link when the magazine goes live!

Project 3: Liquid Lunch - now that I'm home I have to get back into this, so tops for July.

Project 4: Road Trip!! done and fabulous! Have close to 2,000 photos from the trip and a lot of inspiration. Can't wait to get started going through everything!

Projects 5 and 6: Craft Fairs and Etsy - have to get back to these now that I'm home as well.

Project 7: Nowhere Nerds - have been blogging there a lot the last three weeks and will finish the road trip updates probably today or tomorrow if possible.


1. Liquid Lunch - I need to confirm my hanging date, send out invitations, print photos, frame photos and do a lot of other stuff. Deadline : July 13 if everything goes as planned.

2. Craft Fairs - must make new and more products for the Oyster Festival in August

3. Etsy - want to make and list a lot of new things, including art from Matt and graphic design services.

4. get organized again. I need to start getting back into using my engagement book, making lists and basically being in work mode instead of road trip mode.

5. I want to go through old photos that I haven't edited yet and find new products in them. I also have the new slew of photos to go through. I'd like to get a good way through all of this in July.

6. The book project. I'd like to write a book about my road trip. Goal for July is to start thinking about angles and basic outline.

I think that's good enough for now :) Off to read your goals!


Anonymous said...

Alright! I like these goals! And I see that you work with Michelle-- how cool. I love her blog-- she seems great!

Lindsey said...

The Michele I work with is a career coach in Connecticut :) not sure the Michele you are talking about.

but thanks, I feel really good about July. I hope I can keep up the momentum!

Liz said...

Hey Lindsey yay for a great June for you, and hope your July is equally Loverly... your book idea is SO exciting, very very cool!

Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

RiverDog Prints said...

Welcome back! Glad your road trip was great - I'll have to catch up on your adventures. Saw some of your tweets and seemed like you were having fun!

Good luck with July - looks like summer will be busy for you.

Anonymous said...

Your goals sound very reachable.. you can do it! I love the book idea.. can't wait to hear out what you've planned & outlined.

Yeah I needed a do-over so I figured why not start fresh & not stress about what I haven't done yet. So far I'm more happy & calm lol so I guess it's working `=]


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