Nowhere Nerds and New Products to be Made

There are several more posts up at Nowhere Nerds. One more post to go before our journey's story has been told all the way through. I'll probably post the last one tomorrow.

As I get myself back into the swing of things, I realize that my store is emptying as things expire. I want to fill it with new things, but the photography world is not like the jewelry world. I can't just make a new item, photograph it and list it all in one day. There is a process to what I do that takes a little longer. I have to choose the photo, edit it, decide if it'll be a bookmark or a card. If it's a bookmark then it could be ready in a day or two, but if it's a card it requires sending out to be made.

I'm starting to sort through photos, though, and I have a lot of new stuff from the road trip. Hopefully soon there will be a flood of new items for the store. But for now, please give it a visit because there are still some great items there!

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