Movies, Birthdays and Fresh Starts

 My birthday weekend was really really good. Actually, the most interesting I've had in several years. Saturday Matt and I went to see The Last Airbender in the morning before we met up with two of my friends. I really liked the story and the visuals in Airbender, although the dialogue and acting left a little to be desired. But the story and effects were incredible, well worth going to see in theaters.

We met up with the girls and wandered around a craft fair before heading to the mall for Despicable Me, which was everything I could have wanted from it. If you haven't already, go see this movie. It's funny, cute and really well put together. There are jokes in there for adults and kids of all ages and the Minions are ridiculously awesome. Also, the youngest girl is obsessed with unicorns and it's super cute. We had a delicious dinner at Archie Moores and finished up with a screening of Interview with the Vampire at my friends house.

All in all a really great day. Sunday Matt and I ended up watching the two Mighty Ducks movies and The Princess and the Frog with my parents, which was also fun and silly.

Today is Monday and a fresh start for me in many ways. I did some wii fit this morning and will continue to use that every morning. I'm also starting fresh with a new regime. I will make a to do list and then cut it in half as much as possible. I want to get things done but I want to stop stressing out all the time. I feel like cutting lists or time frames in half will help, we'll see if it does though.

I feel good about being back from vacation and refreshed. I have a ton of photos to go through and I feel like I can accomplish things. I am remaining as positive as possible and we'll see where this goes.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Looking at things positively always helps.. feels like everything goes your way then. I'm trying to stay on that same path as well, keeping myself busy & organized.


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