Team Discovery, Linen and Sky

I am still amidst Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom series and I think I'm going to do an overall review when I'm done, but today I have a few other things I can talk to you about, so it's okay!

First of all, in case you missed my insane promoting yesterday - I am holding a Giveaway! You can enter on this blog (click here) or my Facebook page (or click here), enter to win your choice of a bookmark from my store!

Next, I was interviewed for a blog (up on Friday, will link when live) and part of that interview can be read on Team Discovery's blog.

And finally, my Vespa greeting card was featured in this wonderfully peaceful treasury called Linen and Sky.

I'll be listing a couple new items in the store in just a little while, so take a pop by this afternoon and see what's new. My week has been pretty hectic and I think this weekend will be a nice relaxing one; how about you?

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