Weekend Adventures: New York State Fair

Over the long weekend I had the absolute fun pleasure of going camping in upstate New York and spending a day or two at the New York State Fair. I have family up in that area, so it has been a family tradition to go every few years to visit and attend the fair, I love including Matt in that tradition now, especially since he loves state fairs and camping as much as I do!

We always camp at Green Lakes State Park, which is absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite places to be. There are two glacier created lakes and plenty of spots like above to sit and enjoy the scenery. The water is perfectly clear and appears in gorgeous shades of turquoise, blue and green farther out from land. Last time we were here, Matt took me out on the lake in a boat, but it was too windy this year for that.

Because I've been to the New York State Fair so many times, it's like my home fair. Strangely, I'm just now starting to attend more Connecticut fairs like the one in Durham, even though I've lived here my whole life. Every year there is a sand sculpture and this years was Beatles themed, which made me happy although the one we saw two years ago was much more intricate (pirates themed and aawesome).

The butter sculpture was also pretty nifty this year, a full town (Dairytown!). In the Dairy building you can get a cup of milk (chocolate or regular) for just a quarter! And in a building not too far down you can get a baked potato with any toppings they have for just a dollar! So so delicious...

The Birds of Prey show is always one of my favorite things to see as well. .This year there were some real cuties. And a glorious Bald Eagle posing in front of an American Flag. Yes he is real.

The eagle stood so still most of the time, but was definitely aware of all of the camera clicks.

These performers on stilts were both beautiful and fascinating to watch. A dragon and a bird, with riders, simply walking around and interacting with each other, observers and the trees around them.

The best part of the fair is the food. I already mentioned the baked potatos and the milk, but we also had a feast of deep fried and delicious from corn dogs to fried dough and deep friend chocolate chip cookie dough! The last was particularly awesome and tasted just like a just out of the oven cookie! I love Fall and I love that the State Fairs are upon us.

 To see a few more photos from this trip, check out my Photo a Day project on Flickr.

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