YTT: Autumn Fresh

Yesterday turned into something other than what I had planned, but today I seem to be back on track and catching up.. at the same time, which is strange.

Yesterday: I unpacked and looked through photos from the weekend, made to do lists for the next day, relaxed a little and watched Warehouse 13.

Today: I got up early (7:15 am), showered and promoted, blogged about our weekend adventures, updated my Photo a Day folder on Flickr, listed a new item on etsy, and blogged about camping gear at Nowhere Nerds. I still want to list another item, do some wii fit exercise, and clean. I also need to take two photos today for my project as I missed yesterday.

Tomorrow: I will get up early again,  blog, list another new item or two, continue with my daily photo project and choose something off of my master to do list to accomplish.

How are you doing this week with your goals?

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