YTT: New Settings

After a few days of floundering with my new schedule (or rather, lack thereof), I've implemented a way to keep myself organized and still get things done. It may take a couple days to get totally back on track, but I'm getting there!

Yesterday: I worked. Retail. Again. But it feels good to be working with a product rather than behind a desk. I didn't have time for much else yesterday.

Today: I caught up with my photo a day project, edited three sets of product photos for Etsy (but am awaiting Matt for troubleshooting on his computer before I can list them), and made my to do list for today and tomorrow which is even more necessary with uneven work hours. Today is light because I have work this evening, but so far I feel good about my accomplishments.

Tomorrow: I will blog and list a new item, then I will go to work. Then I will most likely crash for a relaxing evening of watching Fringe and organizing my weekend.

How is your week going?


Rachel said...

Successful scheduling is a huge challenge for me. My problem is that morning is my most energetic and creative time for everything, and everything will not fit into my mornings. Good luck with your scheduling plan. I will keep trying to figure one out for myself!

Lindsey said...

Yeah, it's not easy. I tend to make To Do lists for the day and the change I've had to make is being more specific with the times for things so that I know they get done before I have to go to work, or before I go to bed.


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