Story Behind It: Blue Bottles Bookmark

This is one of my favorite images from our cross country adventure. It's simple, beautiful and vibrant, the blue bottles from Tinkertown in New Mexico. Interestingly, Tinkertown itself is not simple. At all.

It's a museum built of concrete, rocks and glass bottles full of miniature scenes chock full of things to look at. It's a bit overwhelming at first, and you have to drive a dirt road through the desert to get there, but I found it fun and a worthy trip. As we were leaving I saw these bottles in the window and couldn't resist. I love glass bottles, especially in windows.



Katie said...

i'm planning a road trip soon and i think i might just have to add tinkertown to the list! thanks :)

Lindsey said...

:) It's fun and quirky.. I think they have a website if you are curious to see more.

Frannie said...

I've never heard of Tinkertown...but it sounds amazing.
Love the photo. Simply beautiful for sure.


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