Monthly Meetup : October Goals

 It took me four days in to realize that it's officially October. That should tell you something about how my September went. Busy. Busy, Busy Busy.

Look Back at September -  Started out with a bang: listed a ton of new items, held a bookmark giveaway, tweaked my side bar a bit, and started making daily to do lists again. I didn't get to graphic design things, and I made my newsletter but am having password issues and haven't yet sent it out, despite it now being October. I finished hanging my work in Liquid Lunch (Milford, Connecticut) and had an opening. Photos will be up through the Holidays.

I also started the month with a Daily Photo project .... which fell apart with everything else toward the end of the month. I would like to start it up again, but I may have to start fresh on a new date. Maybe next month once I'm back on track.

Other Things that Happened - I started a new (sort of ) retail job. This has thrown my scheduling completely off and it doesn't help that my work schedule is always different daily and weekly. I'm still getting back into the groove of retail and that has caused me to be away from the computer more than I would have liked. I'm hoping to start fresh this week and be back as much as possible with the blogging and new item listing and everything.

October Goals

1. Continue listing a new item every day on Etsy .
2. Send September newsletter ASAP, design and send October Newsletter by October 15th.
3. List Graphic Design Services
4. Photograph new Greeting Cards and start listing
5. Make daily and weekly to do lists in conjunction with work schedule to stay organized and on top of everything.
6. Update fallenpeach website and at least get new logo for portfolio site done.

I think that's a nice easy start for October, hopefully more will be added as time goes on and I get back on track more completely. It's been a busy Summer and Early Fall.

If you'd like to join in on the Meetup, please visit Liz's blog to find out more information.


Cindy said...

Good luck with your retail job. I kind of liked retail, and I miss it especially around the holidays. So much hustle and bustle! Retail scheduling can be a pain, though, can't it?

Thanks for your encouraging words about my Meetup Goals. So far, I'm good!

RiverDog Prints said...

Congratulations on your photos being up and your opening! And your goal list seems pretty full to me already :). Good luck with October- I think it's finally fall here in CT.

Rachel said...

Good luck with meeting your goals. This morning I am hard at work on setting new goals for myself. Hopefully I will be just as successful with completing them :) I think the lists that allow us to give ourselves credit for the things we actually have accomplished are just as important as the lists we generate to help give us direction and focus.

Liz said...

Hope the opening was a lot of fun Lindsey! Nice list you have for October, not too too long (I am so done with the long lists that I can't finish) and all great stuff. Have a great month Lindsey!

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

I like side bar adjustments you made, looks very organized. good luck with your retail job, I started a second job last month and it really through me off. Hope you are able to get back on track a bit this month. I love daily lists! I do this for my "day job" and it really helps. Good luck in October!


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