Reading Thursday: Autumn Traditions

It seems like every couple years, around this time, I pick up and re-read The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I'm not exactly sure why the association with Autumn but both Fall and this particular book make me happy so.. ::shrugs::

For those who haven't heard of or read this book, it is the story of King Arthur told entirely from the female perspective, particularly Morgaine Le Fey - who is a priestess of Avalon in this version and not the typical completely negative figure. In short, the characters in this version are all completely human with pluses and minuses. It's a wonderfully full book and it always makes me think. The characters are written beautifully and I love this original take on the traditional Arthurian Romance.

I am also re-reading Harry Potter in preparation for the movie (!!), but since I'm flying through the last book I decided to take a short break  with part of Mists before returning and finishing HP7 in early November so it is fresh in my mind when I see the first part of the movie.

What are you reading? Do you have a book that you always read at a certain time of year?

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Rachel said...

This is one of my all time favorite books! I have lent more copies and so bought more copies of this book than I can remember :)


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