YTT: Sales and Excitement

 This week has started our productive. Though I usually fall apart around now, so I'm determined to stay organized for the remainder of this week. Updates in the shop: There are now two sale items in our shop, and two sets of bookmarks (four bookmarks for the price of three!).

Yesterday: I listed something new, blogged, had some "me" time and sent out our October newsletter. Click the link on our sidebar to see it, then sign up for our mailing list and get the next newsletter in November!

Today: I've listed new and sale items and done some cleaning. I work tonight so I don't have time to get much else done, but I have some emails to catch up on which I should probably do today.

Tomorrow: I work a mid shift, but will be sure to blog, list a new item and hopefully start photographing our new greeting cards.

how is your week going?

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