YTT: Welcome Fall!

The past few days have been rainy, but I'm loving it because that means Fall has officially arrived. No more days over 80 degrees, time for sweaters and fun jackets and even scarfs.  But on to my goals for the week!

Yesterday: I listed a new item, blogged, ran a few errands, played with a borrowed Nook, and worked on my budget a little. I also bought a new Fall jacket and watched Glee, which I thought was excellent.

Today: I've listed a new item, and bought a new winter coat (I'm excited about new coats as I haven't had a new one in like a decade). I will also play more with the borrowed Nook and photograph some new products.

Tomorrow: I have work, but I will blog, list a new item and edit a handful of new products to have them ready to go. I also will be working on plans for our second annual Fall Feast with Matt.

What about you? What does your week look like?

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