Goal Reboot

November is almost over. Have I accomplished anything on my Monthly Goal list? NO. No I have not. Well, I did photograph the new greeting cards, but have not yet edited them for listing. And that's about it. I did do some personal re-organizing, get a few things done on the side and work a lot of extra hours at BN - but I'm feeling like a failure as far as my passion is concerned.

So I'm organizing a reboot. I know I can't possibly get all of those goals done before November ends. Of my two days off left this month one is Thanksgiving, and that will be busy and hectic. One of my goals that I hadn't mentioned really was wanting to write out weekly schedules once I knew my work schedule. I'm going to start this for next week. By Saturday I will have a schedule for the upcoming week out and it will be DO - ABLE.

New Goals for November:

Be halfway through cross stitch gift

Have made schedule for first week of December

Write out Christmas list of people to buy gifts for and figure out budget

Edit at least 5 greeting card images and have listed one by December 1st.

Additional News: There will be no November newsletter. BUT our DECEMBER Newsletter will have a Special Coupon that only newsletter subscribers will receive. SO - You have until December 6 to sign up for our Newsletter which will go out sometime before December 12.

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