Sneak Peek and a Story: Window Fruit

So far December has been much much better than December. I'm listing new items on a fairly regular basis in the shop, and really staying motivated to keep things moving. Every week I'd like to have at least one blog post showing you upcoming items for the shop. It keeps me editing photos and therefore keeps me adding new things into the shop. Plus, it's fun for you to see what's coming before it arrives! Right? Right!

This is, quite honestly, one of my top 5 favorite photos from our last Road Trip. And I think I knew that when I took the photo in the literal middle of nowhere Arizona at the Hackberry General Store. Something about the retro, worn down feel and the bright colors just really attracted my attention. As a card I think it could be a great "hello and how are you" card, or maybe a "I'm sorry" or "Missing You" card, with the fruit playing the part of a lonely human. It could also be easily framed and kept on your desk or wall.

So look for Window Fruit in our shop later this week!

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