YTT: I Can See the Goal :)

Good Afternoon everyone! I'm sorry about missing yesterday's Etsy Tuesday post, I was out and about pretty much all day getting last minute odds and ends. Last night I was convinced to go out and see the meteor shower (I saw one, maybe two total but it was fun) so I'm up a little late today.

But I've been sticking with my wii fit plus almost every day and I've been eating a lot better lately, which makes me happy. Now if only I can get my sleep schedule back on track I'll be even better :D .

Yesterday: I printed labels and stuck them on the rest of my greeting cards, priced and stickered all my greeting cards, started trying to figure out what my table is going to look like and made a list of things I need to go looking for today. I also matted and bagged all my prints. I feel like I did more but I'm blanking on what.

Today: I want to print more labels and stick them on the backs of all my prints, also I need to sign the photo mats. I need to go shopping in search of a new way to display more of my greeting cards and I need to make a checklist of everything left to do so it can all get done before Friday. Oh and I need to get bed risers for my table.

Tomorrow: I'll attack whatever is left including making signage and finalizing the look of my table. Or tables, I'm debating getting a small table to add to my display.

I've been trying to keep up with the blogs a bit, though not twitter so much and I miss being totally involved in Etsy and everything so I can't wait to get back to normal next week, but this experience has been a lot of fun and now I know how to do things better next time so that it doesn't consume as much of my energy. :) Plus I'll have all the display stuff ready and won't have to go crazy shopping.

The show is this Friday ( 7pm - 10pm) and Saturday (11am to 4pm) in Newtown, CT.

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