EEEE Crafty-palooza

... right so can you tell I'm a little hyper today?

After having a few kinda low-down days, I'm in a hyperactive stage.. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be back to normal, hopefully..

Confused? If you've been reading my blog this week, you noticed that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Today started off not great. I had a nightmare that woke me startled, upset and heart pounding, which is not the best way to start a day. From there, I decided, things could only get better - and they have.

- I had the photo shoot for a local magazine this morning, which seemed to go well. I have to start editing the photos ASAP, and also work on an ad for myself (free adspace in the mag!).

- Last night I created about 16 new bookmarks from some photos. I have yet to print them, but they look really good so I'm excited to get them made. I also have a huge folder of Mystic Seaport photos to go through still, so there could be even more bookmarks and cards to be made in the near future.

- Today I received my glass, magnets and crystal lacquer and I'm super super excited to pick out photos to make into magnets soon.

- I also had a huge to do list today and I'm proud to say that I accomplished most of it, and the rest really can wait until tomorrow.

All of this combined improved my mood at least 90%, and Gala Darling's Radical Self Love homework helped a bit too :)

Time to have some dinner before heading off to my first business class ;)

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Anonymous said...

WOoHoo! Sounds like you've had an awesome day ! Congrats!


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